Folk Music Of South India

 Folk Music of South IndiaFolk Music of South India has a number of forms and their variations can be found in other parts of India as well. Almost all the states in southern India have developed a unique kind of folk music pattern. These ancient music forms seem to be influenced by the temples in South India.

Kerala is known for Sopanam music, which is religious in nature, while Karnataka is famous for Carnatic and Hindustani Classical music. When it comes to Tamil Nadu, the state follows only Carnatic and Folk Music. Contrary to this, Puducherry has evolved with a unique music pattern that is mainly the extension of other South Indian music forms.

Some of the well known Folk Music of South India is as follows;

Bhavageethe – In Kannada, poetry is set to music which is called ‘Bhavageethe’. They are characterized by simple lyrics that speak directly to the listener. By bringing poems to non-readers, Bhavageethe have enjoyed great popularity in Karnataka.

Villuppattu – Villuppattu is an ancient form of musical story-telling where narration is interspersed with music, art of Kerala and Kanyakumari district and in Thovalai of Tamil Nadu. This art form is popular among Nadar and Chettiyar caste of erstwhile Travancore Kingdom. Simple tunes and simple verses make the story to be followed easily.

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