Rangoli lashes out at Hrithik’s supporters

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan set gossip mills buzzing with rumours of their alleged love affair that began around the time the two worked together in ‘Krrish 3.’ Then fans came across rumours of their split sooner than expected. The two, however, maintained their silence over the issue all along until Kangana spilled the beans in an interview which lead to the start of the undying controversy.

According to reports, the actress was originally considered to star as the lead opposite Hrithik in ‘Aashiqui 3,’ but since the latter allegedly refused to work with her, the actress was dropped off the project. Kangana, however, set the record straight. In an interview, when asked if Hrithik was the reason she was ousted from the project, Kangy breezily said that exes do a lot of silly things to grab attention, but she’s over it now and that chapter is closed forever. This triggered the media and masses alike to ponder on the thought whether she called Hrithik her ex.

by Shreya Thakur

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