Remove Hindi from Namma Metro signboards: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah writes to Union minister Tomar

BENGALURU: Finally Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has written to Union minister for rural development Narendra Singh Tomar on the decision to redesign Namma Metro+ signboards and remove the usage of Hindi in metro.

FILE: Chief minister Siddaramaiah (L) and Bangalore development minister K J George in metro train, in Bengaluru. TOI photo

On July 12, the government instructed the BMRCL to survey Kochi and Chennai metro services and find out the language policy used in the latter. BMRCL submitted the report to CM Siddaramaiah on Wednesday after doing a ground reality check.

FILE: Chief minister Siddaramaiah looks through window of the metro train, in Bengaluru. TOI photo

As per its report filed, the authority found Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) adopting a three-language policy in its services. Malayalam, English and Hindi are used on the signboards of stations at the main entrance/exits and on platforms and for Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) inside the trains and stations.

However, Chennai Metro uses only two languages-Tamil and English-on the station signboards and PIDS. Hindi is used only for emergency notification like on the tracks ‘High Voltage Traction’ and ‘Emergency Stop Plunger’ and other caution notices inside the station or trains.

TOI also earlier published which cities use three and two language policies. Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation uses Hindi apart from using Bengali and English in station signboards while Mumbai uses English and Hindi in Devnagari script, because Marathi is also written in the same script. Delhi, however, uses two languages in operations-Hindi and English.

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