Traditional Theatre Of Central India

 Traditional Theatre of Central IndiaTraditional Theatre of Central India has encompassed all the other forms of literature and fine arts into its physical presentation: literature, mime, music, dance, movement, painting, sculpture and architecture. The popular and the only traditional theatre form of Central India is the ‘Manch’.

Manch’ is the theatre form of central India, especially of Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. The term ‘Manch’ is used for the stage itself as also for the play. In this theatre form songs are given prominence in between the dialogues. The term for dialogue in this form is ‘Bol’ and rhyme in narration is termed ‘Vanag’. The tunes of this theatre form are known as ‘Rangat’.

Presently, ‘Manch’ is a flourishing theatre form of central India. There are a large number of troupes spread all over Malwa region and more than one hundred plays have been written in Malwa dialects which are staged regularly.

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